Green Goodness


It can be hard trying to figure out our own nutritional needs, leave alone trying to plan what to eat each day to be able to meet those needs. So, let me do the hard work for you.


My personalised meal plans are developed specifically to meet your needs and goals. Included is 7 days worth of quick and easy-to-make, healthy meals and snacks tailored to your taste preferences, budget, time constraints and cooking skills. It also takes into consideration whether you're cooking for one or the whole family. Whether your goal is to lose weight, manage a certain health condition, or just improve your overall diet, I can provide a meal plan that you can ENJOY without eliminating any of your favourite foods (yes, you read that right!).

How does it work?

Before I can develop a plan, I need to know a little bit about you first! You'll receive a 7 day food diary to complete so I can establish your current dietary habits and food preferences. You will also receive a questionnaire in which you will answer questions regarding your goals, medical history, and any special dietary needs you might have. From there, I will develop a meal plan that incorporates the foods you love with some healthy modifications, and foods to include any other nutrients you might be lacking. 

What's included?


 Food diary assessment

Your custom 7 day meal plan personalised to meet your nutrition goals
One month of UNLIMITED email support


The price for a personalised meal plan is $150.