Plant Mirror Reflection


Born in Melbourne and raised on the Sunshine Coast, Liesl is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and nutritionist based in Brisbane, Australia. Liesl graduated from the University of the Sunshine Coast with a Bachelor of Dietetics and has since been working in private practice whilst running her online business, Nurtured Plate Nutrition

Liesl's passion for nutrition grew out of a lifelong love of food and her own personal pursuit for health and fitness. She has a special interest in weight management, healthy lifestyles, gut health including IBS, and helping people identify and manage food tolerances and allergies.

 Her focus is on providing evidence-based dietary and nutrition advice individualised to each client, delivered in a professional and caring way. Liesl is a firm believer that food is not only thy medicine but a source of enjoyment and something to be shared with the people you love. She believes that, in its simplest form, your diet is what you eat, day in and day out. It does not involve fad diets or passing food trends, and it does not have a beginning or end. By using practical dietary approaches and small adjustments, Liesl can help you achieve good nutrition and accomplish your health goals long term. Liesl provides client-centered consultations, where you are able to discuss your concerns and be involved in your own dietary management.

With several years’ experience in following a plant-based diet herself, Liesl can also provide expert nutrition advice on vegan, vegetarian and other specialised diets. She is passionate about helping clients interested in plant-based diets make a successful transition or maintain a balanced diet ensuring all the essential nutrients are included.


Bachelor of Dietetics, University of the Sunshine Coast

Certificate II in Motivational Interviewing, APT

FODMAP Diet for IBS - Dietitian Course, Monash University

Member, Dietitians Australia